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Medical Intuitive Assessments

Stephanie Lafazanos is a Certified Medical Intuitive. She found her ability to connect to the collective conciousness through her dreams in her early twenties. Over the next ten years she discovered the ability to tune in to the subtle energy of the body, mind and spirit. Stronger awakening awakening of her intuitive abilities occurred in her late twenties and was intensified by going inward for self-healing, through meditation and qigong, pronounced chi gong (Chinese energy cultivation) practices. She gravitated towards education in healing and energy based medicines such as Chinese Medicine and sought training to formalize this ability to be able to help people in a concrete way. She graduated in 2008 and was trained as a student teacher between 2008 and 2014 at The International College of Medical Intuition .

As a pioneer in this new field Stephanie hopes to bridge a gap between modern medical practices, energetic and holistic healing. She is connected to networks of holistic health practitioners, such as Naturopathic, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathic Doctors, Chiropractors, Body-Centered Therapists, Physiotherapists and many more to ensure you are seeing the right people for your concerns. She’ll help you save time and money to get to the roots of issues and on the right track to healing.

A Medical Intuitive Assessment can answer the questions:

  • Where/ How is my physical health compromised?
  • What is the root cause of my illness? OR Why am I sick?
  • What areas of my health do I need to be aware of now to prevent future issues?
  • What can I do to assist my healing process and heal for good?
  • What lifestyle choices are limiting my health?
  • How do my emotions affect my physical health and my life?
  • How do my unconscious beliefs affect my physical health and my life?
  • How can I create lasting healthy choices?
  • What type of healing do I need?
  • What can I do to heal myself?
  • Do I need to work with certain health professional? Who do I need to work with for maximum effectiveness?
  • How can I manifest my heart’s joy and ultimate dreams?
  • How can I reach my soul’s purpose and full potential as a human being?

The focus of a Medical Intuitive Assessment is to understand how the body and mind work together to create health. By understanding the connections between the physical, mental and emotional being, we can become aware of how to make more balanced lifestyle choices that contribute to a healthier and fulfilled life..

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What is Medical Intuition Stephanie Lafazanos Certified Medical Intuitive

I offer two types of Medical Intuitive Assessments.

  • A 45 minute consultation regarding questions about a specific issue
  • A Complete Medical Intuitive Assessment which looks at your whole energy body, all energetic blockages, all seven major chakras (energy centers) and gives all information and recommendations/ referrals towards your healing process with a full report and hour consultation…

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Booking a Medical Intuitive Assessment Stephanie Lafazanos Certified Medical Intuitive

The history of “Medical Intuition” as a profession is relatively recent.  In British Columbia, Canada where Stephanie lives, Medical Intuition has been recognized by the provincial government as of 2015. The hope is that soon Medical Intuition will be available to all who have extended health benefits and be an integral part of health care. The intuitive healing arts have been around for thousands of years and can be seen in the earliest forms of medicine.  From our intuitive, sensing feeling ability to identify healing properties of plants to ancient shamanic practices…

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History Of Medical Intuition Stephanie Lafazanos Certified Medical Intuitive